Bitcoin scammers have begun using the fake QR code method.


Although cryptocurrency fraudsters actually use highly known methods, they continue to con people unaware of these methods and collect thousands of dollars in cryptocurrencies. The lack of specific regulation in the cryptocurrency sector also seems to make the jobs of fraudsters much easier. 

Bitcoin Fraudsters ' New Method Has Sparked Fear

Looking at the latest method used by bitcoin (BTC) fraudsters, it seems to be a little more complicated than other simple methods. The method used by fraudsters who collected 7 Bitcoin (about $ 49,000) in this way in March appears to be fake QR codes. The scammers who tricked people with fake Bitcoin QR codes were unable to get rid of IT, security researchers said.

A total of 9 websites containing fake Bitcoin QR codes were found, security researchers said. Transactions with Bitcoin QR codes cannot be undone and so users need to be incredibly careful, especially when sending BTC with this method.

The fake QR code method was made on the internet sites, even the site owners were not aware of the situation was found. Attackers exploit a software vulnerability within the site to change a real QR code and add their own QR code instead. This causes people who rely on the site to donate Bitcoin without conducting any research or queries, but no measures or transaction rollback can be made when the incident occurs.

Not long ago, Bitcoin scammers used the CEO of Coinbase to con people through YouTube.