Hacked Cryptocurrency Exchange Sparked Panic: Hundreds Of Thousands Of Users ' Data Stolen

The Buyucoin cryptocurrency exchange leaked the data of thousands of users.


Attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges have also gained momentum in these days, when cryptocurrencies are more popular than ever. The BuyUCoin cryptocurrency exchange, considered one of India's largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has recently officially confirmed that it has been hacked.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Attacked

Although it was revealed that the attack took place on January 21, 2021, the stock exchange confirmed this after all the data was spread on the internet. Rajshekhar Rajaharia, a user of the cryptocurrency exchange and also a cybersecurity expert, revealed the evidence of the incident in his post on the subject.

In a post published by Rajaharia, it can be seen that the data of users of the Buyucoin Exchange has been leaked, among them highly critical information. The leaked information appears to include users ' account information, email addresses, phone numbers, tax information and even the amount of their funds. In addition, even critical information such as users ' trading information, deposit frequency can be seen from the data.

Buyucoin Denies The Allegations

Although it was initially stated that the data of 325,000 people had been leaked, later statements and verification said that only about half of them had been affected by the situation. According to information quoted by Cointelegraph, the stock market was either unaware of this attack at first or wanted to reduce the impact and reaction of the attack. At first, the stock market said that not a single person was affected by this and that it was “gossip.”

Shortly after the announcement, the cryptocurrency exchange acknowledged the situation and stated on its official Twitter account that the investigation had begun. Despite this, Buyucoin officials said that users ' funds are 100% safe.

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